Manifest Malas

Handmade in San Luis Obispo, CA

Manifest Malas was born from a deep need to create beautiful and functional meditation and wellness tools. Our products are designed to assist all beings, exactly where they are on their journey to lift the spirit and help the wearer become in line with their highest self.

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Meet The Maker

Kelly Edward

My name is Kelly Edward, I am the creative energy behind Manifest Malas. My journey with healing stones began early. Feeling higher vibrations in certain stones I would find, I would carry them with me as a child simply because I knew they made me feel good. Years later I started growing my knowledge of high vibrational stones and crystals as well as the importance of cleansing and ceremony.

  Today I make malas and tools for wellness for beings in all walks of life to assist in their journey towards ultimate self knowledge. I make custom peices often to reflect the specific energetic needs of those who use them. I also facilitate moon ceremonies in my community to bring together like minded people who have the desire to grow and evolve together, holding space for magic to happen.

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