Me Orange

Handmade in Monterey, CA

sewn goods, metal goods, all the goods. made by hand in California

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Meet The Maker

Mikaela Bianchi

This gal, though she may not dress like it, has a plan. In her small basement shop in Monterey, California, Mikaela designs, creates and sews. Inspiration runs sideways in Mikaela’s mind so an eclectic collection of goods are being made daily.
Although she works with many types of fabrics, mud cloth is the favorite, the best seller and the most unique in the market. She also collects woven cottons, upholstery velvets, Pendleton wools, leather and antique barkcloth. She likes to scavenge in odd places. Each bag is made from her finds and is meant to be unique and sometimes one of a kind. These bags are ready for all the things that need to be toted around with you. You will love having your very own unique f.m.o. babe along with you wherever you go.
Mikaela and her sister Rachael are in cahoots!

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